BEI - Excellence in Digital Business Innovation.
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We are excellent when it comes to digital business innovations.
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A successfully applied approach which leads reguallry to numerous innovative and relevant solutions in practice.
We combine methodological approaches of Business Engineering with cross-enterprise collaboration in Competence Centers.
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We bring together companies which have similar problems and utilise scientific methods as well as new technologies to innovate and develop new business models and opportunities.
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Our divisions
Bringing together companies with similar problems and supporting them in jointly developing solutions

Division Sourcing in the Financial Industry (CC Sourcing)
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The division “Sourcing in the Financial Industry” (CC Sourcing) of the universities of St. Gallen, Leipzig, and Zurich is currently developing practice-oriented results for eighteen partner companies from the financial industry. Topics include sourcing models for sales and distribution departments, IT-based innovation in the financial network, processes for integrating customer portals and competence centers, functional requirements and service oriented architectures for the front office, structuring and description of service portfolios, methods for determining the added value of services and reference models by means of a Service Management Cockpit. Individual needs of partner companies are addressed in bilateral projects, applying the results developed and ensuring their practical applicability.

Division Digital Consumer Innovation (CC DCI)
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The division Digital Consumer Innovation (CC DCI) is a consortium research program currently comprising renowned enterprises from various industries, plus the Institute for Information Management of the University of St. Gallen (IWI-HSG) and the Fraunhofer IML Institute for Material Flow and Logistics as coordinators and scientific partners of the program. DCI (Digital Consumer Innovation) is an area of research focusing on the management of digital transformation in B2C firms, requiring e.g. the integration of consumer data, extending digital channels and the design of consumer-centered data-driven business models. Based on latest scientific findings the CC DCI is developing methodologies, architectures, reference models, prototypes and guidelines needed for the implementation, operation and continuous improvement of the aforementioned digital consumer business initiatives. In consortium workshops and bilateral projects, participating enterprises are gaining critical know-how for successfully managing digital initiatives, e.g. the DCI readiness assessment model or the consumer data map.

Division Data Center Efficiency (CC DCE)
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DCE is an area of research that investigates opportunities to improve the efficiency in data centers. Based on the latest scientific insights, the CC DCE conceptualizes performance measurement systems, monitoring concepts, architectures, reference models and processes that enable the efficient operation of data centers. In cooperation with partners from practice, the CC DCE develops individual solutions and ensures through its workshops and trainings that the participants gain valuable knowledge on how to sustainably optimize their data centers. In addition, the CC DCE is an official testing institute for the certification of companies operating energy-conscious data centers with the Blue Angel eco-label.

Division Amiona
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The division Amiona develops software for digital service marketplaces. A first version originated from the competence center Independent Living and has since been improved continuously. Electronic service marketplaces employed, e.g., in the area of service-living as portals for tenants or in communes as regional health care infrastructures not only lead to the more efficient organization of the market; at the same time, they directly contribute to augmenting the quality of life of their users. They achieve this by providing access to household-related or care services independet of time and place and by ensuring written and, therefore, binding appointments. Organizing the heavily segmented market for consumer services in a user-centric way constitutes a multi-billion dollar market in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and elsewhere that has been recognized but needs to be developed yet.

Partner CDQ AG
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We are one of the leading organizations providing management consulting, solutions and training services in the area of corporate data quality management. Our two competence centers – Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) and Digital Consumer Business (CC DCB) - are our vehicles to bring innovation and research results to thought leaders in top 100 companies. Profound methodologies are validated and modeled into a successful toolbox for the practice that pave the way for our customers to master their transformation into the digital age. Our software solutions support Master Data Management Leaders to efficiently establish, optimize and monitor master data management, and to improve the quality of business partner data based on the shared wisdom of the crowd. In addition, we offer an official training program (CDQ Academy) and in-house trainings in corporate data quality management that support you as an employee to serve your company’s data strategy.