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A successfully applied approach which leads reguallry to numerous innovative and relevant solutions in practice.
We combine methodological approaches of Business Engineering with cross-enterprise collaboration in Competence Centers.
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We bring together companies which have similar problems and utilise scientific methods as well as new technologies to innovate and develop new business models and opportunities.
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References of BEI St. Gallen AG
Take a look at some chosen projects
Collaborative management of business metadata

Together with one of the world’s leading agricultural organizations, BEI realized a collaborative platform for technical metadata management via a semantic Wiki. The platform for collaborative knowledge management includes technical explanations of fields from a global resource planning system (ERP) and simplifies the joint maintenance of these metadata from different locations.

Market-oriented steering through KPIs

BEI St Gallen AG implemented a management cockpit based on key performance indicators for a global player in the finance transaction sector. A self-developed process performance model served as the basis from which selected departments then derived concepts, methods and defined individual performance indicators (KPIs). Finally, the development was transformed into a functional prototype and successively implemented

Innovative payment services

One of BEI St. Gallen AG’s further reference projects involved the analysis of the innovation potential for national and international payments between banks and other organizations. Together with a large Swiss bank, BEI developed a concept and business case for the preferred payment method. This created a win-win situation which initiated a mutually profitable partnership between the relevant Swiss bank and its partners

Business plan for transactional banking payments

BEI St. Gallen AG played a significant role in the creation of new payment methods in the form of innovative transactional banking for a leading domestic Swiss tradition finance institution. The current situation was visualized via a detailed profile of existing payment services. This formed the basis for a comprehensive business case as a framework for the future development of transactional banking payments. The subsequent business plan has been partially implemented.

Assessment of standard software offshoring

In another important project, BEI St. Gallen AG advised a large, globally active Swiss bank in a project evaluating the offshoring of standard software applications. A systematic instrument for the qualitative assessment of offshoring opportunities was conceptualized for that purpose and verified via concrete application fields.

Tablet-assisted customer consultations

Together with a Swiss software provider and a renowned private domestic bank, BEI developed a tablet solution for an innovative approach to customer service. The initial phase saw the development of the functional scope and a suitable concept. BEI St. Gallen AG intensively supported the bank during the process of implementing into the core banking system. Today, the tablet solution offers customer consultations with unprecedented visual, IT-supported communication and considerably simplifies the day-to-day business of the bank adviser and customer.

Electronic Marketplace

In cooperation with a small city of about 20’000 residents in Baden-Wuerttemberg, BEI was able to create an electronic marketplace on the basis of the Amiona-platform. By means of multi-channel settings, the residents of the city can order services from the service provider electronically or via a telephone service center. The local service providers render cost-efficient, high-quality services and process the transactions via the innovative system. In a pilot project over the course of several years, the local networks (customer network, service provider network, civic involvement) as well as the necessary business processes were set up, tested and continually optimized.