BEI - Excellence in Digital Business Innovation.
Our Competence
We are excellent when it comes to digital business innovations.
We Combine
A successfully applied approach which leads reguallry to numerous innovative and relevant solutions in practice.
We combine methodological approaches of Business Engineering with cross-enterprise collaboration in Competence Centers.
We Transfer
We bring together companies which have similar problems and utilise scientific methods as well as new technologies to innovate and develop new business models and opportunities.
We are…
… unique
… dedicated & passionate
… innovative & open minded
Serving business and science
Conceptualizing and implementing practice-oriented solutions
Competence Centers

Competence Centers are projects of several years duration during the course of which university chairs and enterprises collaboratively develop practical, generally applicable solutions. Enterprise specific adaptation and application of such solutions is dealt with in bilateral projects. Competence Centers are independent business divisions of BEI. Learn more about our divisions on the division page.

Consulting Project

Topics and issues that go beyond the scope of a Competence Center and/or require special confidentiality are dealt with in Consulting Projects. Such projects may include studies, assessments, evaluations, concepts, benchmarkings, trainings, or implementation assistance. Find some interesting project examples on our project references page.


BEI St. Gallen AG offers - based on well-established standards - benchmarking services and compares management structures of different companies for providing recommendations for improvement. In the context of our Competence Centers, we also develop new standards and maturity models.

Business Engineering Forum

The Business Engineering Forum is a two-day annual event for cross-industry knowledge exchange, with our Competence Centers presenting their latest results and discussing them with participants. Find some more information about the Business Engineering Forum on the official BE-Forum website.


All our Competence Centers offer e-mail newsletters on a regular basis, informing about the latest activities of the consortial projects, latest research results, and upcoming events. Please visit the websites of our
divisions to subscribe to the respective newsletter or have a look at our newsletter overview.


BEI St.Gallen AG conducts studies on specific topics, or for individual enterprises thinking of realigning their business or sourcing strategy. See References for examples of our studies.


BEI St.Gallen AG offers training programs, both for individual enterprises and for cross-company participation, presenting the results of our Competence Centers in the light of the business contexts of the enterprises participating.

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Multilateral Projects

Multilateral Projects are collaboration projects comprising various enterprises, which are coordinated by BEI St. Gallen AG. Similar to the idea of our Competence Centers, we bring together a number of enterprises interested in a certain topic and develop generally applicable results.