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Applied research for innovative solutions in practice
With our international network of selected universities (Research Partners), we develop scientifically founded reference models together with our customers (Competence Center Partners). We demonstrate the potential of new technologies and promote the practice-focused exchange within the community. We use prototypes to demonstrate the applicability of the results.

Research-oriented consulting with proven methods and reference models
We identify relevant trends. Together with our clients (project partners), we develop differentiated solutions and innovative business models for their ecosystems. We accompany the transformation on a cultural, process-related and technological level.

Hence, we provide companies with orientation for the design of network-oriented business models using new technologies.
This gives our project partners the reliability to position themselves successfully.

Our topics

Business Models & Ecosystems
Companies bundle their resources and, supported by digital technologies, are working together to deliver an overarching core value proposition. Ecosystems are collaborative business models that involve customers in the delivery of service. Together with our practice partners, we design and model these ecosystems and thus help companies to identify, structure and manage the ecosystems relevant to them.
Distributed Ledger technologies are characterized by pseudonymity, immutability, transparency, decentralization and Global Source of Trust. Depending on the requirements of different Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) we distinguish between ledger-based DLTs, where all data is shared on all nodes (e.g. blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum) and transaction-based DLTs, where data is shared on a need-to-know basis (e.g. R3 Corda or IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric). We analyse the implications of these technologies on existing business models as well as their significance as the foundation of future ecosystems.
Consumer Data Innovation
Companies have more and more data at their disposal, which brings along great potential and many challenges. We develop and test systematic procedures with our practice partners in order to use data to better understand customers and ultimately optimize the customer experience.
Culture & Change
The use of new technologies and the implementation of collaborative business models requires a change in thinking. Only through the appropriate inclusion of employees, business partners and customers it is possible to make a company agile.
Digital Transformation
The advancing digitalization radically changes the reality of many companies. Existing methods and techniques for dealing with corporate development are fundamentally challenged by the speed of change in the context of digitization and need to be adapted. Especially established companies face challenges in the implementation of agile methods due to internal and external dependencies. We analyse the effects of changes in the context of digitalisation and provide companies with models for dealing with transformation.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is seen as a discipline in which computers (or computer-controlled robots) perform activities that are associated with human actions. In addition to simple automation, the focus is on learning, which is made possible by machine learning (computers learn from humans) and deep learning (computers learn from each other). Fields of application are to be positioned along the entire value chain. While Natural Language Processing, for example, can be used to automate customer interaction, Robot Process Automation, for example, can be used to facilitate back-office activities.
Innovations & Trends
A trend radar makes it possible to assess the influence of new developments on one’s own company in a methodical form. The impact and potential of technological innovations can be methodically demonstrated using the Disruption Framework. This provides the company with an additional orientation. The influence of innovations such as blockchain/distributed ledger technologies or artificial intelligence on companies up to the selection of the optimal technologies for individual processes are analysed. In addition, there is a permanent exchange of experience with the cooperation partners in the Innovation Circle.

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Competence Center and Project Partners
Research Partners
The CC Ecosystems (former CC Sourcing) offers an excellent framework for strategic and sustainable banking. As a long-standing, supporting partner, Finnova not only uses the Competence Center as a platform for the exchange of ideas and the joint promotion and concretisation of initiatives, but also appreciates the diverse and valuable network with direct access to many different knowledge and responsibility bearers.
Simon Kauth
Chief Product Officer @ Finnova
I have been part of CC Ecosystems (former CC Sourcing) for 14 years now and its 7th season has just ended. In all these years I have experienced many things, a lot has changed in the banking environment, but one thing has remained the same. The CC Ecosystems has always been at the pulse of time. It provides important fundamentals, which are methodically relevant, in the form of absolutely useful aids and tools, or as a basis for decision-making. The topics dealt with can almost always be implemented in practical terms. The CC"s usefulness in respect of content is significant and the basis for an extremely helpful network.
Thomas Spahr
Senior Banking Architect @ Swisscom
The CC Ecosystems (former CC Sourcing) offers me an elementary added value regarding know-how exchange, extension of my spectrum in professional and technical view. I do not know of a single plenum in which so much knowledge, methods, technology and research is gathered in one place by an intelligent social networking of the organizer.
Tanja Libiseller
Leader Digitalisation @ Vorarlberger Landes- und Hypothekenbank
In my entire career of 20 years, I have never experienced a community where so much knowledge, so much expertise and so many theses and antitheses met. I must say, I" m deeply impressed. After each research cycle, I can implement the business models with better performance in our company.
David Kauer
Lead Innovator & Member of Management @ Postfinance


We are constantly looking for motivated people who interact in networks and are interested in a career in research and consulting.



Thomas Zerndt
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Auge-Dickhut
Head CC Ecosystems
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Christian Betz
Research Associate, CC Ecosystems
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Research Associate, CC Ecosystems
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Christine Warkentin
Research Assistant, CC Ecosystems
Daniel Proba
Research Associate, CC Ecosystems
Jil Zerndt
Intern, CC Ecosystems
Jeanine Bürkler
Assistent Personnel | Finances
Marcel Rüegg
IT manager
Pius Bienz
Head Competence Center Romandie
Raffael Nikol
Joël Eugster
Yannick Uldry
Roger Heines
Research Associate, CC Ecosystems
Simon Bleher
Senior Consultant
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Research Assistant, CC Ecosystems
Tanja Hessel
Research Assistant
Werner Gygax
Senior Consultant
Werner Merki
Technical Expert
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President of the Board of Directors
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Member of the Board of Directors
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Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats


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